Friday, February 6, 2009

Are you a flower or....

This weeks Bible study is going to be dealing with a critical spirit. Check out this definition on criticism:
to dwell on the perceived faults of another person with no aim to their good

Notice the bold letters. How many times do we criticize someone or what they do? As if they should be perfect. As if we don't have our own faults. As if we have no intention of really helping a situation, but rather just vent. This week, I've really tried to think about the "faults" of others around me as an opportunity to just be a blessing instead to them, especially if they don't even know it. Like my kids for instance...sometimes they don't mean to be messy or leave things around...they're just kids....or my husband who might leave clothes around, but who does so because he's willing to change into grubby clothes and stay up til 1:30 am working on our house...Are you getting what I'm saying?! Yes, there are some legitimate areas we all need to work on, BUT first, it's not our job to judge them especially if we cannot help them, and second we need to let God deal with them and take care of ourselves!!! Novel idea, huh?

Another thing the author said this week that really made me's something so simple, yet so often forgotten by myself when dealing with issues around me. Ya ready, here it is:

People were made to be loving and kind!

Duh, right?...but how often do I think my job is to "make" everyone right. I have to admit when I'm in a sticky situation, I often do not think to myself "my job is to be loving and kind". Of course, I want to be that always, but when we are critical, we are NOT being loving and kind. Add to this Oswald Chambers quote, "Whenever you are in a critical temper, it is impossible to enter into communion with God."
Instead of being critical, I pray my responses will be changed to being loving and kind...with Christ this too is possible!

Last, here's a little story(wish I wrote it, but I didn't)...relating to the title of my post:

A little seed lay on the ground and soon began to sprout.
"Now which of all the flowers around," it thought,"shall I come out?
The lily's face is fair and proud, but it is a trifle cold.
The rose I think is rather loud, but it very soon grows old.
The violet is very well, but not a flower I would choose.
Nor the Canterbury bell, I've never cared for blues."
And so it criticized each flower this sour judgemental seed,
until it woke one summer morn and found itself a weed.

Lord, make into the flower of your choice!


kim said...

Nothing wrong with Weeds :)!

Excellent post that made me think...and examine myself! Thanks for teaching me what you're learning in your study. It sounds like an excellent one.

Jill said...

Great post Tricia! I am learning so much.

There is nothing wrong with being a weed, if your Kim ;o)

Wendi said...

Thanks Tricia I really needed to hear this post. I have been struggling with the same thing. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone.

Carol said...

Sounds like such a neat study. I love the poem, really makes me stop and think! THANKS! ;)

Lori said...

Good post, Tricia!
I am so glad you are loving the study.
I read something today in the "Love Dare" that was very similiar: Love is a decision, not a feeling. We have to choose to lead our hearts, not let our hearts lead us around because the hear t is deceitful, it will aalmost always choose what feels right for the moment.
So counter-cultural, isn't it???

Leslie said...

I was once told that Daisys smell like dog doo. I figure I am a daisy on most days...I look bright and sunny on the outside until you get a whiff! Ha, Ha. Thanks for a great post. Oswald Chambers always gets me where I live.

Jeanine said...

What a great post. I found myself being a "weed" just recently. I can be very judgmental and's one of the things on my "2009 changes" list. The poem at the end certainly makes one stop to think. Hope you're doing well!

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